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Nosce Te Ipsum Cold Coin®
"Know Thyself" In Latin (front & back shown above)

  • Great for Allergy & Cold Season
  • Ionizes the Body
  • Exclusive Carbon Steel Coin
  • One Side Says, "Cold Coin",
    and the Other Side Says, "Nosce Te Ipsum"
  • Inspirational Message
  • Perfect Size
  • Cayce Product
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Not Accepted for Returns

Introducing a new version of an old favorite, the Cold Coin®. It still has all of the same great benefits of our original Cold Coin, helping to ionize the body to resist colds and congestion. Our newest Cold Coin is stamped with the inspirational words "Nosce te Ipsum". This ancient saying is on the back of each coin. The Cold Coin is the perfect size. It fits conveniently into a pocket or can be comfortably worn around the neck. Use the hole stamped in the Cold Coin to put on a necklace or just wear it in your front pant's pocket. Our Satin Cord (500bsc) comes with instructions to make the perfect length necklace with an adjustable slip-knot or use it to attach the Cold Coin to a garment.

Nosce Te Ipsum is an ancient Latin and Greek aphorism meaning "Know Thyself". A saying that has passed through time, serving as a reminder of each individual's own divine self. To "Know Thyself" one must embark on a journey to find inner peace as well as purpose; to see thyself as thy truly are, through a non-judgmental eye. It serves as a reminder of one's potential for true enlightenment and inspiration for life's journey.

"Know Thyself" was inscribed above the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and has been attributed to many ancient Greek sages as well as many other honorable sources.

Nosce Te Ipsum "Know Thyself" Cold Coin

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