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Sweetfeet™ Massage Oil
For Tired, Aching Legs & Feet

  • Relieves Aching Muscles
  • Eases Stiffness in Ligaments & Tendons
  • Massage into Feet, Legs, & Knees
  • Edgar Cayce Formula
  • BPA Free Bottle

Sweetfeet™ is a natural, invigorating massage oil that alleviates tiredness, aching and stiffness in the ligaments and tendons of your legs, feet and knees. Experience relief for over-stressed feet. Massage in the oil from your hips down to your feet to invigorate your lower body, stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.

Quotes by Edgar Cayce: "This would be good for anyone that stands on the feet much, or whose feet pain, or ankle or knees or tendons." "In the lower portions of the extremities, where there has been the injury in the foot or the toe, these do not show infection but a stiffness. From the hips down, rubbing on either one of the limbs or both; not over the portions that have shown injury but in the feet and in the ankle, limb and hip, a small portion of the following compound massaged into same will be most beneficial..."

Baar Sweetfeet Massage Oil 118ml

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