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Inspirol® (Herbal Breathing™), 4 oz liquid in 8 oz bottle
Aromatherapy Formula

  • Helps Clear Lungs
  • Penetrates & Soothes Nasal Passages
  • Supports Healthy Breathing
  • Relieves Nasal Allergy & Sinus Symptoms
  • Contains Known Cell Protectors and Spike Protein Purifiers
  • Alleviates Congestion
  • Natural Expectorant
  • Now Called "Inspirol", Formerly Called "Herbal Breathing"
  • Edgar Cayce Formula

Inspirol (previously called Herbal Breathing) is an Aromatherapy formula designed to penetrate and soothe nasal passages, bronchials and the lungs. It is also an aid to the body's response in combating seasonal allergies and sinus symptoms. Versions of this formula were suggested in Edgar Cayce's Health Care over 300 times for a wide variety of symptoms associated with congestion, seasonal allergies, post-nasal drip, irritated throat, and swollen mucus membranes.*

Baar Inspirol Herbal Breathing 118ml

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