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Crudoleum® - Pennsylvania Crude Oil Scalp Treatment
for Healthy Hair & Scalp

  • Encourages Fuller, Thicker Hair
  • Restores Hair & Scalp to a Healthy Condition
  • Repairs Dry, Damaged, Brittle Hair
  • Adds Body & Shine
  • Pure Pennsylvania Crude Oil
  • Condition with Crudoleum Scalp Rinse
  • Edgar Cayce Formula for Thinning Hair
  • Strong Oil Scent
  • BPA Free Bottle
  • Also available as an Easy-to-Apply Gel Formula, Nature's Oleum®
  • Pennsylvania Crude Oil was mentioned many times in the Cayce Readings to stimulate and clean the scalp, to improve hair fullness and shine, and to help with graying hair and hair loss. It conditions the scalp as it moisturizes the hair, adding body and shine to dry, brittle or damaged hair. Crude Oil works to restore hair and scalp to a healthy condition. Our Pennsylvania Crude Oil is extracted from our oil wells in Pennsylvania. This is REAL crude oil with no refinement. It has a strong oil scent.

Baar Crudoleum Scalp Treatment 355ml

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