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CamphorCare® 4 oz
Natural Liniment

  • Eases Colds and Congestion
  • Relieves Minor Aches & Pain
  • Used in a Pack for Acute Back Pain
  • Edgar Cayce Formula

CamphorCare is excellent for the relief of congestion, colds, and minor back pain. CamphorCare provides a penetrating combination of Mutton Tallow, Spirits of Turpentine and Spirits of Camphor.

CamphorCare is heated so that the Mutton Tallow melts and the other ingredients will then mix together. "These properties will tend to separate somewhat when cool. Stir together. Massage just what the body will absorb, about twice or three times a week..." (Edgar Cayce)

Edgar Cayce Quotes:

For Minor Aches and Pain:

"Q: What is the cause of pain in right ankle, and cure for same?
A: This has been strained. Just massage with [CamphorCare]" (Edgar Cayce)

For Colds or Congestion:

"In the present we find the acuteness of cold or congestion through portions of the bronchi and trachea, or a feeling in the central portion of the lungs, in and through the hips and the lower part of spine, back and abdomen. These will pass, if there is occasionally produced an abundance of eliminations. The application of heat, too, will tend to aid in this character of elimination; with the use of any good astringent rub, ... (using) [CamphorCare] with heat applied." (Edgar Cayce)

When Applying to the Small of the Back:

"At times we would use across the small of the back a heat from [CamphorCare]... A flannel dipped into [CamphorCare] and laid over the body, across the area, and then an electric pad at low heat used... And with the stimulations of the manipulative forces be helpful to the system." (Edgar Cayce)

Baar CamphorCare Natural Liniment 4floz

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