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American Saffron, 6 oz

Carthamus tinctorius

  • Intestinal & Digestive Aid
  • Known as Dyers' Saffron or False Saffron
  • Recommended by Dr. John Pagano, Healing Psoriasis
  • Edgar Cayce Product

Recommended by Cayce as a digestive and intestinal cleansing aid. Whole flower stamens. "Make a tea from the American Saffron; a teaspoonful to a pint of water, let steep as tea or in a crock, and so that the water simmers but not boils too much. This would be strained, and it may be taken two to three times a day, a good big swallow, or a small jigger of the solution." (Cayce)

Preparation of Saffron Tea taken from "Healing Psoriasis", by John O.A. Pagano
To Make Saffron Tea: Place about a quarter teaspoon of saffron tea in cup, then pour boiling water over it and stir. Cool, strain, and drink. This should be made fresh each time it is taken. Saffron tea is best taken at night, just before retiring. This tea is to be taken consistently until the skin is clear, or at least five days a week, and then periodically to keep the 'passageways' cleansed for proper elimination."

To make Saffron Water: Boil one gallon of pure water and add one teaspoon of American yellow saffron tea; allow the mixture to soak for twenty minutes. This should make the water light yellow-orange. When the water cools, strain it and pour it into a glass or porcelain container, or the original gallon jug the water came in, and then refrigerate. This is to be used as drinking water whenever desired. It is recommended to drink two to four glasses of saffron water a day. This may be considered part of the suggested daily intake of six to eight glasses of drinking water.

Suggested Use:
Make a tea by adding 1 heaped teaspoon of saffron to 2 cups of boiling water. Allow to steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain, serve, and enjoy. Make fresh daily

Baar American Saffron 6oz

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