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Do you suffer from:

Indigestion, I.B.S, Hiatus Hernia, Headaches and Migraines, Lack of Energy, Flatulence, Bloated Abdomen, Mood Swings, Hyperactivity, Catarrh, Arthritis, feelingout-of-sorts, Insomnia?

These and many other ailments can be alleviated and often eradicated by considering what we are eating.

We really are the physical result of what we put into our mouths;   Rubbish food results in a rubbish body which can then lead to poor quality of life and inability to acheive and enjoy the life we would like to have. 
By having a small sample of your hair tested will reveal which foods and/or drinks are aggravating or causing your health problems.
After many years of working in this field of Dowsing, we have developed a special method of working out what to avoid in your diet, what to add to your diet and perhaps which supplements would suit you. This test will very often complement any other therapy or treatment you are having by optimising the body’s repair and immune system.
This test will also cover potential environmental sensitivities such as; household products, skin care, clothing,  metal, electrical sensitivity and geopathic stress.

We are now testing for foods containing HISTAMINE which can adversly affect some people. There is also a situation where some foods cause RELEASE OF HISTAMINE in the body which can also cause an unwanted physical  reaction.
This is an easy procedure requiring only a sample of your hair (no problem if your hair is coloured, but no wigs please! In this situation, a small sample of hair may be taken from elsewhere on the body.) Once the form has been completed and returned, you will usually receive the results within a week.

This entire procedure does not require your presence but we encourage you to phone or call into the shop to discuss the results with Sandra at no extra charge. Discussing the results will give you a greater understanding on what was revealed throught the test. Results will be e-mailed to you.


Food Compatibility and Environmental Sensitivity Testing

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